New Pokie Consoles and Products

We have recently designed a new mobile console base that can be manufactured in a number of different styles.

Our new “Macau” model allows a console base to be deeper in dimension to enable it to be free standing in areas such as alfresco dining or partial outdoor areas.   These models have fully laminated bases and sides making them semi waterproof.   These models stand on legs 50mm above ground level.  Alternatively wheels can be added in lieu of legs for additional mobility

We also in the final stages of developing our new “Taipei” model which is a metal cabinet for those areas that are totally outdoors.  Again it sits on legs and is durable enough to allow the area to be hosed or mopped. Alternatively wheels can be installed to allow instant mobility and be rolled away out of sight.  Venues will need to establish “plug & play” electrical and data connections for these models.

Both models can be supplied as individual consoles or in banks of 2 or 3.   Larger banks are then progressively bolted together to form banks to suit your requirements.

If you would like any information on these new models please contact Michelle Jabore on 0413 261 777 to find out more.