Australian Pokie Consoles manufactures three ‘standard’ consoles as well as meeting all of our clients custom requirements.

All consoles bases are available in any finish combination you require from standard laminate ranges to premium acrylics. Again they can be the dominant eye catching feature or merely blend in to allow the poker machines to do what they do best!!.  All consoles are guaranteed OLGR compliant (Qld) and are supplied with a new ‘slimline’ cash bin with striker plate & lock backing plate fitted. 

All tops are cut and drilled to the OLGR Universal Template and all doors are laser cut into the front panels in accordance with OLGR’s tolerances.  We install specially designed cash chutes to the tops to ensure all the coins fall into the cash bins, not merely deflectors which allow coins to be spilt and as a result incur costly staff time to gather up the coins in each console.

We also provide a Lifetime Warranty against faulty materials and manufacture- something no other company can or does.

Reno Model
Our ‘no nonsense’ console which has a flush front without any kicker or top rail.

Monaco Model
Our most popular model has a setback kicker generally of a reflective nature but can be of any material.  Polished aluminium creates a mirror finish and is very effective at reflecting the carpet design back into the room.  It also allows for LED lights to be installed under the kicker adding additional dynamics to your gaming room.

Vegas Model
A more sophisticated model which has both a kicker and a rail under the top edging, also generally of a reflective material for some extra ‘sizzle’

All three models are available as individual consoles or can be configured into multi span, island or round carousels.  Moisture is a consoles worst enemy and Multi span tops allow the join lines to be hidden underneath a gaming machine. This eliminates moisture ingress into the top thereby ensuring longevity of the consoles tops.