Cabinet Ends for Pokie Machine Consoles

Again we have three ‘standard’ detachable ends but can manufacture to any requirement.

Flush End Panel
A basic end panel of 16mm that is affixed to the end of the bank or console.  It sits 5mm above the Top to prevent items falling or rolling off.

The Underbench Gable
Which is essentially an extension of the top over a flush panel end.  Provides a great finish to the ends and offers protection to the end panel from damage by vacuum cleaners and trolleys     especially in a back to back situation. The corners are truncated and “egged” to avoid injury to patrons in bumping into the corners.

Dressed/Shaped End
By far the most popular for that professional look whilst also allowing the flexibility to remove, reconfigure your layout and then replace in your desired location.  However, while being the superior end finish they are quite a bit more costly.
The line drawings below perhaps may better explain the ends.