Island Bank Cabinets for Gaming Room Poker Machines

Available as standard in 8 & 10 station configurations with faceted front faces. All tops are continuous with curved edges.  We can custom make to your requirements and have completed island banks of 14 consoles in size. 

Multi span tops allow the join lines to placed beneath the gaming machines and as such present a clean and uninterrupted surface to the tops. The curved tops allow players to be spaced further apart and provide a real attractive and modern look to any gaming venue.

Again, the centre infill tops can be built around posts or other building structures.  Alternatively they can accommodate signs, link signage or other displays. The centre infill tops have their own supports anchored to the floor which allows them to take very heavy loads.

We have designed and manufactured a large range of different banks with the curvature of the tops varying widely dependant upon your particular venue and space allowances.   We use our CAD program to design a suitable carousel bank to suit your individual venue needs.

The line drawings below show a simple island carousel bank arrangement,