LED Designs and Other Gaming Room Fitouts

We can design and supply a range of other products that may compliment your consoles.  LED lights are one product that can achieve a real point of difference in any gaming room.  Generally if a venue is looking to install LED light the kicker needs to be recessed by 50mm to allow sufficient room to accommodate the LED’s.  Some examples are highlighted below.

In many instances we have “retro” fitted LED’s to great effect to existing banks.  If console kickers are not recessed to allow LED’s to be installed above the kickers then consideration can always given to installing them below the tops provided there is sufficient overhang.  

We have 8mm and 10mm wide models with the latter being encased in a waterproof acrylic covering thus preventing any damage from moisture or water.

In addition we can supply a range of LED signage for console bank ends.

Whatever your requirements may be, please give us your specifications and we will price your requirements to compare with your current suppliers.